Pictorial Resources

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Here is a list of forms and materials specific to Pictorial Calendars.

Remember, if you are submitting your entire order via EZO including ad copy, listings, and order form it is not necessary to also send paper copies or printouts. Your order will be printed much quicker if you use EZO for everything rather than the paper order forms.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact your sales representative.

Tips for Submitting Art

Tips for Submitting Art

We have on-site professional photo editors who are experts when it comes to your picture. We prefer you leave the scanning up to us. However, if you decide to scan your own picture, here are the specs:


  • 300 dpi or dots per inch
  • save the file as a JPG, TIFF or EPS

Artwork & Logos

  • graphics & images: at least 300 dpi
    finished size
  • line Art: 600 dpi
  • save the file as JPG, TIFF, PDF or EPS

Click here for complete Picture Submission Guidelines.