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Downloadable Resources to Advertise Your Card Fundraiser

We have created some resources for you to use in your marketing efforts. These images are suitable for print, web, email and social media. If you need something larger for posters or banners please contact your sales rep and we will be happy to provide you with larger files for your use. Thank you!

Right click any of the images below to "save image as" at full size.
GBC Card Flyer Intro GBC card flyer Spring GBC card flyer Holiday
GBC Card Intro Flyer  GBC Card Intro Flyer GBC Card Intro Flyer 
GBC card collection GBC card collection Spring GBC card collection Holiday
GBC Collection Spring GBC Collection All GBC Collection Holiday

Themed Ads
stationary Donate
 Celebration Stationary  Donate 
Fire school Chalk Patriotic
 Fire Eduction Chalkboard   Patriotic
Holiday student 
Holiday Student  Animal